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Unless your best friend in high school persuaded you to join her mega-successful startup right after graduation—in which case you’re probably a millionaire, anyway—chances are pretty good you’ve applied for several jobs in the tech industry.

For most tech jobs, the application process is straightforward: you start by sending in your résumé and other materials. If the company likes what it sees, it will schedule a phone interview. If that goes well, you’ll have at least one in-person interview, after which the company will (hopefully) make you an acceptable offer.

But that’s a very simple description of a very complex process. In reality, there are a lot of variables and unknowns. No matter how good the economy, the job search is always challenging.

With that in mind, the Dice Career ToolKit will give you:

Job Hunting Basics, which you can use to begin (and refine) your employment quest.

The secrets to building up your Career Network, including:

Networking: It’s About Quality, Not Quantity
Use a ‘Buddy System’ When Networking
5 Professional Networking Tips for Introverts

Tips and tricks for creating the perfect Résumés and Cover Letters, such as:

Power Verbs for Your Résumé and Cover Letter
How to Write a Tech Résumé
Top Cover Letter Tips From IT Managers
Don’t Load Your Résumé With Jargon

And the best ways to conquer a Job Interview:

Hacking Job Interviews
5 Basic Tips for Phone Interviews
Add Emotional Intelligence to Job Interviews
What Interviews Say About a Company’s Culture

Good luck!


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